The fourth and last part of the marriage ceremony officially brings the ceremony to a close. Here are the activities or "Elements" that make up Part 4 of a wedding ceremony. Each is accompanied by a brief description of the Element and its role in the ceremony, including whether the Element is "required", "usually included", or "optional" in a ceremony. Any "required" Elements must be included in your ceremony. "Usually included" Elements are used in most (but not all) ceremonies. "Optional" Elements are those that are used less frequently in ceremonies.

Except for Readings and Rituals (which can occur almost anywhere in a ceremony) the Elements are arranged in the general order they would occur in a traditional wedding ceremony, but feel free to rearrange the order according to what works best for your ceremony. Just click the links to go to various selections for each Element.

Rose Ceremony (optional)
The Rose Ceremony is usually performed after the Pronouncement of Marriage, but before the Presentation of the Couple. In it, the Bride and Groom give each other a Rose as their first gift as an officially married couple.

Benediction and/or Good Wishes (optional)
These words offer blessings and good wishes to you as you are sent back into the world as husband & wife.

Presentation of the New Couple and...
Name Formats for the Presentation of the New Couple (usually included)
Except in the case of an additional ritual or reading, these are often the final words of the marriage ceremony. Please note that there are two parts to the Presentation:
1) the words immediately preceding your formal name (the first link), and
2) the formal name by which you would like to be announced to your guests (the second link).

Recession (usually included)
The ceremony is done, and now it is time for you to make your way back down the aisle. Often, you are accompanied by the rest of your attendants, and sometimes the Flower Girl(s), Ring Bearer(s), and other VIPs.

Readings (optional)
There are many readings suitable for a marriage ceremony. The readings on this page are divided into four parts - 1. Biblical Readings of the Old Testament; 2. Biblical Readings of the New Testament; 3. Non-Biblical Readings; and 4. Poetry. For each Reading a suggestion will be made as to whom the reader might be - either a guest, the Bride, the Groom, or the Celebrant.

Rituals (optional)
There are many types of rituals you can include in your wedding ceremony. The rituals on this page are divided into five parts - 1. Child Recognition Rituals; 2. Cultural Rituals; 3. Flower Rituals; 4. Religious Rituals; and 5. Family and Other Rituals. For each ritual, we suggest in which part of the ceremony it might occur (i.e. Preceding the start of the ceremony, in Part 1 - the Opening of the Ceremony, in Part 2 - Setting the Stage, in Part 3 - Consummating the Marriage, or in Part 4 - the Closing of the Ceremony) and if the ritual demands a very specific place in the ceremony, we'll indicate that also.