The Opening Prayer is a reminder to all wedding participants and guests that this ceremony assumes the presence of God or some other spiritual entity. The few moments spent in prayer will set a mood for the remainder of your ceremony.

For each selection in this section, we provide alternatives to match the kind of ceremony you're looking for. For example, within the major categories of Spiritual, and Religious, we provide Traditional, Modern, and Romantic selections from which you can choose.

The Opening Prayer is an Element that you can add to the Classic Ceremonies. Please remember that you can use these selections "as is" or change the wording in whatever way you wish to better suit your ceremony. Also, at the bottom of the page we provide links to other selections from around the web. Feel free to visit and choose wording from those links as well.

1. God of light, who gives us the longing for love and the capability of loving, we give you thanks for_______________ and _______________, for their open hearts and willing spirits, and for the example of love that they embody here in our presence. Be with them on this joyous occasion of showing their love and making their vows; and be with us, their witnesses, that we may all be changed by what is said and witnessed here. Amen.

2. Please join hands with your betrothed and listen to that which I am about to say. Above you are the stars, below you are the stones, as time doth pass remember...
Like a stone should your love be firm, like a star should your love be constant. Let the powers of the mind and of the intellect guide you in your marriage, let the strength of your wills bind you together, let the power of love and desire make you happy, and the strength of your dedication make you inseparable. Be close, but not too close. Possess one another, yet be understanding. Have patience with one another, for storms will come, but they will pass quickly.
Be free in giving affection and warmth. Have no fear and let not the ways of the unenlightened give you unease, for God is with you always.

3. All knowing spirit in whose presence all human spirits bend to their becoming, we invite, indeed we entreat, you to join us in this ceremony binding the lives and destinies of_______________ and _______________. As they speak and we hear the words that will forever join them, allow the intentions being uttered in their hallowed conversation to stand true in time and run deep as a singing river through the landscape of their lives.

4. Let us bless this joyous union with prayer. Please bow your heads. Marriage is a very special place, the sheltered environment in which we can explore ourselves in the presence of another and in which we can offer the possibility of the true reflection of another. We are so happy that _________ and _________ have found one another, that they know in their souls how perfectly suited they are, and that they are choosing on this day to become for all time the accurate and beautiful reflection of each other's essence. We ask that the vision they have for one another be always informed by the amazing power that first brought them together, and we ask that as they move into marriage, they may always hold one another in the light of all light, the love of all love. Amen.

5. Angels, spirits, and all good beings, join with us on this happy day and let this be a day of gladness, thanksgiving, possibility, and great good fortune for all of us, but especially for _______________ and _______________, who are coming together to demonstrate the wonder of love through the celebration of their marriage.
We all live in the hope of loving and being loved, and any sign of the blossoming of love is a true inspiration. Therefore we give thanks for the sweet happiness of_______________ and _______________. Their enthusiasm is electric, their belief in the destiny of their love is inspiring; their great expectations encourage us beyond measure.
Marriage is a very special place, the sheltered environment in which we can endlessly explore ourselves in the presence of another and in which we can offer the possibility of the true reflection of another. We are so happy that _______________ and _______________ have found one another, that they know in their souls how perfectly mated they are, and that they are choosing on this day of most special days to become for all time the accurate and beautiful reflection of each other's essence. We ask that the vision they have of one another be always informed by the spellbinding radiant power that first brought them together, and we pray that as they move into the hallowed ground that is marriage they may always hold one another in the light of all light, the love of all love.

6. Let us come into the quiet of prayer.
Beloved and eternal God, We are here to celebrate the marriage of _______________ & _______________. We pray that they each may find a depth of kindness, caring, and joy through this union that will serve as a safe haven for them as they journey through life together. We also pray that together they may build a life that brings them balance, health, and great learning as they venture through the trials and triumphs to come. May they strengthen their bond of love and find a gentle peacefulness in being together. Inspired by their love, let each of us rededicate ourselves to the loving relationships in our own lives. May we all be enriched for having shared this day together. Amen.

7. Oh God, you are the creator of all things; you made us, and you sustain us; we depend on you. For the gift of life, we praise you. For being able to think about its meaning and purpose, we thank you. In the world without, and in our lives within, there is much that is confusing and contradictory. Many voices counsel us; many forces pressure us; many things tempt us. We need your light to lead us, your hand to hold us, and your love to complete us. We ask for your blessing now.

8. Let us pray.
Almighty and most merciful Father, we your children praise you for all the bounties of your providence, and for all the gifts of your grace. We thank you especially for the institution of marriage, which you have ordained to guard, to hallow, and to perfect the gift of love. We thank you for the joy which these your servants find in each other, and for the love and trust in which they enter this holy covenant. And since without your help we cannot do anything as we ought, we pray you to enrich your servants with your grace, that they may enter into their marriage as in your sight, and truly keep their vows. Amen.

9. Eternal God, we give thanks to you for the gift of life, and for its renewal each day. We gather as if in the presence of a loving parent to celebrate this time which brings ________________ and ________________ to the threshold of their marriage.
For the dreams they have dreamed, and for their hopes for themselves and for each other we give thanks. We pray that the words and spirit of our gathering may be filled with meaning which will deepen with the passing years. Amen.

10. God of all peoples, we rejoice in your life in the midst of our lives. You are the true light illumining everyone. You show us the way, the truth, and the life. You love us even when we are unfaithful. You sustain us with your spirit. We praise you for your presence with us, and especially in this act of solemn covenant. Amen.

11. Oh gracious and ever living God, you have created us male and female in your image: Look mercifully upon this man and this woman who come to you seeking your blessing, and assist them with your grace, that with true fidelity and steadfast love they may honor and keep the promises and vows they make today. Amen.

12. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever. Amen.


13. Let us bless this joyous union with a version of the Cherokee Prayer
God in heaven above, please protect _______________ and _______________ as they pledge their hearts and lives together. We honor all you created. We honor mother-earth, and ask for this marriage to be abundant and grow stronger through the seasons. We honor fire, and ask that this union be warm and glowing with love in their hearts. We honor wind, and ask that they will sail through life safe and calm as in our father's arms. We honor water, to clean and soothe their relationship that it may never thirst for love. With all the forces of the universe you created, we pray for harmony and true happiness as _______________ and _______________ forever grow young together.


14. Let us pray... We offer our prayers for all living beings, feeble or strong, small or large, seen or unseen, those dwelling far or near, those who are born, and those who are to be born. May all beings, without exception, know happiness such as we know here today. Amen.

15. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
Guests: And also with you.
Let us pray...
Almighty God, you have made the bond of marriage a holy mystery. Hear our prayers for _______________ and _______________, who have come here today to be united in marriage. With faith in you and in each other, they pledge their love today. May their lives bear witness to the reality of that love. Amen.

16. Let us pray... Lord, our hearts are filled with joy on this wedding day as _______________ and _______________ come before you pledging their hearts and lives to one another. Grant that they may be true and loving, living together in such a way as to never bring shame or heartbreak into their marriage. Temper their hearts with kindness and understanding. Rid them of all pretense and jealousy. Help them to remember to be each other's sweetheart, helpmate, best friend, and guide, so together they may meet the cares and problems of life more bravely. May the home they are creating today truly be a place of love, peace, and harmony, where your spirit is always present. Bless this marriage we pray, and walk beside _______________ and _______________ throughout their lives together. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

17. Unborn, absolute, and formless Thou art,
Beyond bliss and yet infinite bliss Thou art,
From attributes and desires Thou art free.
O Supreme Spirit, we worship thee.

18. Let us pray... Oh God, source of life and joy, bless this loving gathering that has come to witness this marriage. Bless the covenant this bride and bridegroom are about to create in your name. We pray that _______________ and _______________ achieve life's richest rewards: true happiness, health, and devotion. May their lives be bound together in sanctity. We pray that you will be with them in this sacred hour and in all the sacred hours in all the days and years to come. Amen.

19. Let us bless this joyous union with prayer
Praise be to God, the Lord of all being, You alone we serve and to You alone we come for aid. Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom You have blessed, and bless _______________ and _______________ with a loving, healthy, and happy marriage. Amen.


20. Let us bless this joyous union with prayer.
Beloved God, we welcome you and are so grateful for your presence on this joyous Autumn day. We have come here as a community of family and friends to love and support _______________ & _______________, to witness their entrance into the sacred and joyous covenant of marriage, and to celebrate the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife. We celebrate this union of their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, and wish them great joy. We ask that you guide and bless them with a loving, healthy, and happy marriage. Amen.

21. {Let us bless this joyous union with prayer.}
Two lives, two people, so very different, yet so similar. Together they stand as one, sharing their future as it comes. The past is that - past. Buds are blossoming. With care and trust, the best is yet to be revealed. Honesty and kindness are the fruits of love. God, bless this day and always enrich _______________ and _______________ so their love will never end.


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